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  I feel like I've been shooting pictures all my life.  I started with plastic point-and-shoot cameras on camping trips with my family.  When I was in the 5th grade my Dad bought a Canon AE1 and I was completely transformed the first time I held it to my eye.  By the time I was in high school, the camera was mine and I was constantly shooting.  The next step was setting up my own darkroom and staying up nights developing and printing.  Now, my darkroom has turned into PhotoShop and my cameras are all digital, but the reasons I love photography never change.  I love to capture a moment.  To stop time.  

  After 18 years in New York City, I am currently living and working in Knoxville, Tennessee. I also love to travel and document what I see along the way.  I shoot headshots and portraits as well as performance and commercial photos. I'm also a Director, Cinematographer, and Editor. Please contact me for more information on hiring me for anything from photographing a birthday party to shooting and editing you next feature film!

-Chad Heird-